Book Compilation Project


Breaking Free Forever: “The Momentous Journey”

This book is about a journey to remember.  A journey of  8 to 10 women who have experienced illness, divorce, financial hardship, spiritual wilderness and much more but had the audacity to break free and change the trajectory of their lives. This book invites the reader to walk in familiar shoes but provides the strategies to overcome and live out greatness in the world.


What is the purpose of the compilation?

This book will be a compilation of writings to help men and women find similarities in life challenges, and share stories that provide strategies and tools to help overcome life’s obstacles.

What is the individual author investment?

  • The total investment per person is $2,700
    but is being now offered as an introductory price of 50% off @ $1,350/author. ***(
    Signup fee must be received to secure spot. The $1,350 can be broken down into 6 monthly payments.)***

  • A $250 non-refundable sign-up fee must be made to secure spot.

What does this investment cover?

The investment covers the following:

  • Opportunity to become an Author
    (valued at with and average cost of pre-investment- low end $6110 and high end $36,325)

  • Full Production of the book

  • (1) One head-shot (average cost $100-$400)

  • (1) One group photo shoot  ($400-$600)

  • (1) One group promo video (that can be used on social media and other marketing platforms) ($1200-$15000)

  • E-book on “How to become a Self Published Author” ($25.00)

  • 5 individual BFF Compilation Books.

  • Joint book signing ($110)

  • Assistance with designing your own individual book signing event. (Marketing materials are an add on through Refined Concepts) ($250)

  • Added bonus: Your own personalized e-book and strategies to help you monetize your e-book

  • Access to Exclusive Writers Facebook Group which provides writing materials and tools to assist in writing your chapter and individual e-book.

  • Group “Expert” conference call with a professional (Marketing, Branding, Publishing, Writing, Editing) once a month for 5 months

  • One writer’s workshop day ($599-$799)

  • Free Registration to the 2017 Breaking Free Forever (BFF) Conference Brunch ($75) and Bring two guest ($150)

  • Opportunity to speak at the 2017 Breaking Free Forever (BFF) Conference.

**There are additional services available through the design company Refined Concepts but would be considered an add-on service.

Will the authors be given rights to resale?

All contributing authors will have to option of purchasing the book wholesale and marking the book up per their choosing. It is recommended that the book not be more than its retail price of $22.00.

Each author will be provided an order form before printing to determine how many books they will need to have for their own personal sales in person at their own events or through their own websites.

 What is the book project time frame?

Each author has 4 months to write their chapter and have it edited for insertion into the book.

 Who is responsible for the design of the cover and layout of the book?

Refined Concepts is the designated designer for the book project. Layout will be determined by DT Rector Empowers with the assistance of Refined Concepts.

 When will the book launch?

The book will be launched at the 2017 BFF Conference. There will be a group book signing and each author will be speaking about their chapter in a 5-10 minute speech. Each author will be given 2 complimentary seats to the BFF Conference  and receive a $15 off discount for their invitees.

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